Katherine’s Southern Cooking

26 Jan

Katherine's Southern Cooking - Katherine Baldwin

This book has 40 step by step recipes that cover most of the traditional Southern foods that I learned how to cook from my Mother and Grandmother. However, I have adjusted them to use extra virgin olive oil and spices instead of the traditional method of seasoning them with salt pork and bacon drippings. I [...]

How to Quiet Your Mind

19 Jan

How To Quiet Your Mind – Marc Allen

** Bestseller – Hundreds of Copies Sold Each Month! – Over 30 Techniques Inside – Reduced Price For a Limited Time! **  ** Kindle Not Required For Reading – Buy This Book and Head to http://read.amazon.com or Download the Kindle Application for Your iPhone or Android Phone to Start Reading Immediately! ** Is an inner dialog always [...]

Confessions of a Sunday School Psychic

12 Jan

Confessions of a Sunday School Psychic – Linda Stirling

   I saw a woman’s hand extending down from Light and heard her say, repeatedly, “I won’t leave you. I’m not going anywhere without you.” The other woman’s terror felt “red” and impenetrable. Her body coiled into itself as she squatted on the floor, arms curled around her knees and head tucked down tight against [...]

WordPress Domination

22 Dec

WordPress Domination – Lambert Klein

  WordPress Domination Beginner to NINJA in 7 Days IN JUST SEVEN DAYS, YOU CAN GO FROM WORDPRESS ZERO TO WORDPRESS HERO… Discover How You Can Ninja Your Way To Complete WordPress Dominance In As Little As SEVEN DAYS I’m not going to beat around the bush here. There’s no way to get rich quick on the internet… [...]

Three Things You Need To Know About Jeff Bezos

4 Dec

Jeff Bezos – bookPumper

1 – Believe in the future. From Jeff’s point of view, we are living in primitive times. There is much more life-changing technology to be discovered. Jeff considers himself an explorer, inventor, and pioneer. This outlook has shaped Amazon from the beginning and has become its DNA. It’s not about crushing the competition, although many [...]

Corinne – Book One of The Red Diamond Saga

12 Sep

Corinne – Jennifer Janne

Corinne Sanders is a young woman with plenty of ambition and her whole life ahead of her. She’s naturally inquisitive, independent and career-minded. Yet somehow, Corinne can’t escape the unresolved issues of her past. As a court reporter and criminal justice major, Corinne’s uncanny intuition has held her back from truly experiencing the life she [...]

Kindle FIRE Giveaway!

27 Jun

Second Chance – Rachel Hanna

Congrats to Charity Cason!! Here’s her book:  Second Chance – Tanner & Shannon – A Contemporary Romance Stay Tuned!  We are now promoting Charity’s book.  And we are going to be picking more authors to promote.  Keep your eyes locked to bookPumper! — Would you like a Kindle Fire?  Ok, great! Simply share this post [...]

Sex Sells Kindle Books?

5 Jun


I was still a child when I first discovered my natural talent for writing. I usually enjoy doing the things which I’m good at, so writing became a hobby almost immediately. By the time I was in the fourth grade, I knew what I was going to be when I “grew up.” A writer, of [...]

ACF Training – Goodreads

3 Jun


Overview: Welcome to ACF Advanced Kindle Training! Ok guys, let’s jump right into Goodreads so that you have something great to use that can give you a sales boost right now.  We will of course go deeper into the full ACF formula in the 10 other modules. REMEMBER: This is One Month of training!  This [...]

Tim Hits 100,000 Sales

29 May


I self-published my first book onto Amazon in March 2011 and to date I have sold over 100,000 ebooks. Paul (Bookpumper) has asked me to write about the top three things which I feel helped sell my books. I have thought long and hard about this, but the three things which I keep coming back [...]