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12 Apr


Ok guys, Big changes coming for bookPumper. We are in the process of hiring a full-time editor. She will be posting regularly to keep you all updated on the latest Kindle news and changes. I want you to have a one-stop site where you can quickly keep up to date on all things Kindle and [...]

Amanda Hocking: I Know Your Secret

13 Mar

Amanda Hocking

I have been pondering Amanda. Who hasn’t?  And I’ve uncovered part of her secret formula.  Oh yes.  Her potion.  Quite mysterious and powerful.  Let’s list some aspects of it: 1 – She’s a quality writer 2 – She’s writing in a popular genre that appeals to women 3 – She adapts, she watches the crowd [...]

Book Trailer or Viral Video?

31 Jul

Viral Video Beats Book Trailer

I see many Authors spending time and money creating Book Trailer videos to promote their books.  But do they work?  Do they get attention, do they get traffic, do they sell books.  Nope.  In most cases a Viral Video will sell a whole lot more books for you than a Book Trailer.  Why?  Because Viral [...]