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Horrible Kindle Strategy

21 Apr

Bad Kindle Plan

OR you could get yourself a strategy, stick with it, and conquer the known world.  How about getting in touch with some of the smartest Kindle experts on the planet?  These experts are only a click away via something we call “The Interwebs.” How about taking a free Kindle course at Udemy from Amy Harrop [...]

Tim Hits 100,000 Sales

29 May


I self-published my first book onto Amazon in March 2011 and to date I have sold over 100,000 ebooks. Paul (Bookpumper) has asked me to write about the top three things which I feel helped sell my books. I have thought long and hard about this, but the three things which I keep coming back [...]

Jack Klak and Death Threats

18 Apr

Some day he’ll get to you

This is my buddy Arnold from Britain.  He received a series of death threats from an American man calling himself a spy.  The calls were traced to a Department of Defense facility in Virginia, so maybe Jack actually does work for the government. On the other hand, my friend doesn’t scare too easily!  Threaten him [...]

Frank Kern + Kindle + Iceberg

10 Feb

Ok guys, Let’s take a Frank Kern idea and put it to work selling your Kindle books.  I show you exactly how to implement “Results In Advance.”   Stay tuned for my upcoming project which takes you behind the scenes of Kindle promotion.                         [...]