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Facebook Contest!

8 Jul

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— AND THE WINNER IS… Alyne De Winter!! Congrats Alyne. Here is her book: Now we design a custom campaign for Alyne’s book. Stay Tuned!   — You asked for it, you got it!  We are going to pick one Kindle book and create a Facebook promotional campaign for you.  The budget is $300 [...]

Kindle FIRE Giveaway!

27 Jun

Second Chance – Rachel Hanna

Congrats to Charity Cason!! Here’s her book:  Second Chance – Tanner & Shannon – A Contemporary Romance Stay Tuned!  We are now promoting Charity’s book.  And we are going to be picking more authors to promote.  Keep your eyes locked to bookPumper! — Would you like a Kindle Fire?  Ok, great! Simply share this post [...]

The Girl Who Hates Kindle

25 Apr


This started as an “argument” with a friend of mine on Facebook.  She’s an editor at a literary website, but she believes that ebooks aren’t “real books.” What year is it?  Are we still going to live in the woods?  Do you want me to go outside right now and look for a woolly mammoth? [...]