Corinne – Book One of The Red Diamond Saga

12 Sep

Corinne Sanders is a young woman with plenty of ambition and her whole life ahead of her. She’s naturally inquisitive, independent and career-minded. Yet somehow, Corinne can’t escape the unresolved issues of her past.

As a court reporter and criminal justice major, Corinne’s uncanny intuition has held her back from truly experiencing the life she was always meant to live. She’s always had a knack for solving mysteries and she’s about to head into a whirlwind of her own.

As a foster child, found on the doorstep of a hospital, with only her name embroidered on a blanket of mystery wrapped around her tiny form. She bounced around from home to home and witnessed abuse after abuse. Even now, Corinne can’t shake the feelings of abandonment and mistrust that haunt her daily. She puts forth a brave face to the world, but hides the wounds of an insecure child behind her mask.

Perhaps Corinne has good reason to be completely incapable of trust. Everyone around her seems to be leading a double life these days. Just when her fiancé Daniel urges her to trust him, she finds out he’s keeping secrets from her. Also, her life-long friend Sam turns out to have a hidden dark side. So who can she trust?

That’s the moment Corinne’s long-lost family returns from the shadows. Her entire world is thrown into a complete tailspin. Yet are these new, familiar faces worthy of her trust? They belong to an enigmatic and powerful organization with an amazing influence of control and manipulation.

Yet, she feels an uncanny kinship toward her newfound relatives. As Corinne begins to unlock mysteries of the past, tremendous abilities are unlocking inside her as well. What everyone jokingly called her “wacky sense” was becoming a powerful sixth sense, threatening to consume Corinne’s very existence. Does her secretive father hold the secrets that could save her life?

She soon has a wedding to plan with her fiancé Daniel. She finds her twin brother Aaron and a surrogate sister named Lisa. Together, Corinne tries to stitch together some semblance of a normal family life. Yet, what is normal for a family of genetically engineered super beings.

Lisa has the power to absorb injuries and heal wounds. Aaron has super strength but lacks the social graces of a normal young man. Corinne’s powers seem to be the strongest, ranging from telepath to out-of-body projection. She can read minds and control them. By working together, the three siblings not only predict a whirlwind of catastrophes but they have the talents to help prevent them.

While Corinne is out saving the world, she realizes that her personal life is also suffering. Once, Corinne worried that her fiancé Daniel was leading a double life, but now the tables have turned. It’s Corinne who tries to keep her super powers a secret from the love her life. That’s pretty difficult when Corinne and her super siblings are making the six o’clock news with their feats of heroism. Their anonymity is constantly threatened but so is their safety.

Although Corinne freed Aaron and Lisa from Conner, even this dog has his masters, and they want Corinne and the entire project eliminated. Now, Conner is back to doing what he does best: pulling Corinne’s strings like a master puppeteer. He may not be able to use his own telepathic powers against her, but he most certainly can hurt the ones she loves most.

Just as Corinne finally gets to experience a sense of belonging, and come closer to finding out the answers to her past, an explosive situation once again threatens to shatter her world to pieces. The ghosts of the past finally show their faces and even greater villains emerge in Corinne’s turbulent life.

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  1. Eric Goldberg September 13, 2012 at 5:36 pm #

    Sexy cover! ;)

    • Editor September 13, 2012 at 5:41 pm #

      Please try to remain calm.


  2. Shanna September 13, 2012 at 5:40 pm #

    I only have the power to wear my credit card out. :(

    • Editor September 13, 2012 at 5:42 pm #

      You must learn to control this newfound power.


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