12 Apr


Ok guys, Big changes coming for bookPumper. We are in the process of hiring a full-time editor. She will be posting regularly to keep you all updated on the latest Kindle news and changes. I want you to have a one-stop site where you can quickly keep up to date on all things Kindle and [...]

Fighting Jehovah

19 Oct

Fighting Jehovah – Keith Williams

This is a humorous and often hilarious recounting of the author’s past skirmishes with Jehovah’s Witnesses. The tongue in cheek running commentary and sharp dialogue will certainly keep the reader smiling and sometimes even laughing out loud. “Loved it! Now I know exactly what to say when they knock on my door I can pull [...]


30 Sep

Why No-One Should Pay Income Tax - The problem of taxation and what to do about it [Kindle Edition]

Do you think that income tax is an absolute necessity, and the way that governments around the world raise money? Do you think that therefore everyone, including the rich, should pay their fair share? This book presents a different argument: One which shows that income tax doesn’t work and never can work. It describes the [...]

No Horse Meat Please

26 Jul

No Horse Meat Please, We’re British! – Sasha Vincent

This book has been created especially for the Kindle Singles program. Central idea: Is the food industry willing to dupe the consumer in pursuit of profit? In this book I examine the recent horse meat scandal and ask whether this is fraud or simply incompetence? Other food scandals are explored and the food industry is [...]

Facebook Contest!

8 Jul

Facebook Logo

— AND THE WINNER IS… Alyne De Winter!! Congrats Alyne. Here is her book: Now we design a custom campaign for Alyne’s book. Stay Tuned!   — You asked for it, you got it!  We are going to pick one Kindle book and create a Facebook promotional campaign for you.  The budget is $300 [...]

True Revelation

2 Jun

The True Interpretation of the Revelation of John and the Bible – Kostas Tzouvelekis

The time has come for the truth to come to light about the true Interpretation of the tremendous book of the Revelation of John and the Bible. No more speculations, no more if, no more maybe, no more perhaps only the truth and nothing but the truth. Do you know that the 3rd part of [...]

As The Crow Flies

10 May

As The Crow Flies (The Damien Boyd Short Crime Series)

Rock climbing is now a blood sport. Detective Inspector Nick Dixon’s former climbing partner, Jake Fayter, is dead. Killed in a fall whilst practising a new route on High Rock, Cheddar Gorge. Convinced that Jake would not have made such a simple mistake, Nick Dixon starts digging and uncovers a web of intrigue and criminal [...]

Body Energy

27 Apr

Body Energy

Amazon Top 10 Best Seller in: Acupuncture & Acupressure and  Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation! Learn how to: Enhance Your Energy Anytime of The Day (without energy drinks or drugs) Sync Your Daily Activity To The Chinese Energy Clock Open Your Meridians With 6 Simple Stretches (beautifully photographed) Just 5 Minutes Everyday To Perfect Health (Relieve [...]

Horrible Kindle Strategy

21 Apr

Bad Kindle Plan

OR you could get yourself a strategy, stick with it, and conquer the known world.  How about getting in touch with some of the smartest Kindle experts on the planet?  These experts are only a click away via something we call “The Interwebs.” How about taking a free Kindle course at Udemy from Amy Harrop [...]

The Transplant List

22 Mar

The Transplant List – Rick Blackmon

Someone is killing people to move a name higher on the Kidney Transplant List. Army Captain Greg Michaels discovers Beth Wilson, the first girl he ever kissed, needs a kidney transplant. He offers one of his if compatible. Beth and Jake introduce Greg to Karen Pierce, an Army widow. Greg is instantly smitten and is [...]